Baby G photo frame handpainted

When I was faced with a baby shower for my friend’s first child I almost resorted to browsing the Target gift list but then reconsidered.  I realized my friend would prefer something hand painted.  Don’t forget this when you are faced with a gift option.  Consider that your friends will embrace your talents and anyone can swipe a credit card for a list purchase.  So, I mulled over all of this new Mom’s interests and preferences.  She is a warm hearted and kind soul who loves anything in the sea and will reinforce to those she knows “do good.”  I played with some doodles and just rode the wave of whimsy.  Her invitation to the baby shower had a baby whale so I repeated that theme.  Cannonball jellies look like balloons and why not have baby sea turtles in the bubbles and swirls?  She loved it!

29. June 2012 by Jean Drayovitch
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