Informal instruction for basics in drawing

Here was a chance to do a little bartering.  Katherine Archer wanted to learn some basics for drawing and painting and I wanted to learn some basics with playing guitar.  We traded for talent.  Here is our beginning drawing session in my kitchen.  I model this little class of  instruction with points from the famous book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.”  She loved learning the language of line.  We discussed some philosophy and the Zen Archer pearl of wisdom that “the target is within.”  Drawing is as much learning how to see and observe and train the eye to speak to the hand as it is learning techniques and methodology.  It is building a nurturing relationship between the hand and eye.  We did blind contour drawing with hatching, cross hatching, scumbling, contour hatching.  She discovered the different effects of pencil leads from 6H to HB and 4H.  Next time we will add a bit of color.  Can you scumble without smiling? I can’t.

Jean Drayovitch’s drawing class in the kitchen. Saint Augustine, Florida.

11. July 2012 by Jean Drayovitch
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