Space and the Time Continuum

Let’s play a game of math.  Maybe science too, as it applies to art.  Take the idea of art as a two dimensional variable.   Then, as the third dimensional component add  space.  For the final factor add time as it represents the fourth dimension.   Right about now your mind should be wandering to Douglas Adams and the number 42.  Or maybe you are a visual thinker and are considering a model inspired by Alternative Henson.     Then, when your brain is full, go swing on the playground until you feel butterflies and try to draw a circle.  Now… there is a problem.  Let’s get a little simpler and talk about how these things might relate to your creative process.  If you don’t want to read Douglas Adams or Tom Robbins, try reading Lesley Garner’s quickie book “Everything I’ve Ever Done That Worked.”  Read chapter 39,  looking up.  If that doesn’t work, browse youtube and watch this

09. September 2012 by Jean Drayovitch
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