The Celtic Festival Poster 2013 comes together

Multicultural Heritage Saint Augustine

After much collaboration between artists Michael F. Clark and  Scott Waters, and with the blessing of Sherri Cunningham (event coordinator), we got the poster finished.  Scott provided the border design and lettering for consistency with the 2012 Celtic Festival Poster.  Michael F. Clark created the biggest possible file with layer on layer in his photo shop program.  My part, as always, was analog and old school.  With the light table and sharpie on pencil I rendered the Bagpiper and other landmarks.  The  Bridge of Lions and Chinese Warrior statues made the final cut for iconic  choices.  Check out the final poster on canvas at Ray’s Print shop at the courtyard on Hypolita Street, downtown St. Augustine.  Large banners with the poster design will be on display at the Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day Irish Ceili (pronounced Kaley) September 16th at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall.  Posters and tickets to the festival in March can be purchased on-line at the St. Augustine Celtic Festival website.  Also, see events posted by Romanza.  Details found at

Celtic Festival Promo poster

15. September 2012 by Jean Drayovitch
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