Artwork for author Heather Hamel

It’s always fun to share in dream-building.  As my new friend Heather Hamel says “why can’t we all build our dreams together?”  Part of my early inspiration for drawing came from working with horses.  Gradually, and especially after taking a fall that effected me to the bones (literally), I walked away from horses.  Heather is looking to publish a book about her Mustang, Kobi.  As part of the package, she needs cover art.  Everyone in my circle of friends is on a shoestring budget, there would be no hiring of a professional artist.  That’s where inspiration motivates the spirit to volunteer and share in dream building.  I met Kobi and learned more about her book, “Kobi: Memoirs of a Mustang.”  My feeling for the painting included lots of color and reflected the mood of the region he came from ( he was part of a round-up near the bombing range in Nevada.)  Heather’s favorite color is purple and that popped in my mind as a legitimate part of the palette.     The specs for the cover would have to reduce the painting down to 6×9 with 1/4 inch bleed over.   She loves this rendition of Kobi  and says it captures his spirit and his eyes.

Kobi photoHeather Hamel and Kobi painting


22. September 2012 by Jean Drayovitch
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