The word lecture conjures up feelings of

tedious penmanship and boring blips of relevant and remotely promising material.  If an article that has the title “Art lectures this week at Flagler”  is accompanied by a bust shot of a suit and tie then that feeling expands into  dreaded forced discipline and numb butt from a too-small-chair.  The word lecture never generates a feeling similar to what comes from the  cozy confines of  a decompressed couch.   A(n) NPR special just pointed out that visual thinkers tend to be more emotional in their problem solving.  But wait…there are things here that highlight Gustav Klimt and Botticelli.  And the visual mind flashes back to metro stops in Vienna and deco tiles with tributes to the artistry of Klimt.  The image of the suit fades and I here echoes of Joanne Strauss and glimpses of the Belvedere Palace gardens and soft pebble paths.  I see in my mind’s eye the mosaic roof of  St. Stephens church and reminisce about the soft Mozart chocolates at the coffee shop at St. Stephens Platz.  Voila, I read a little more and the lecture is FREE.   So put it on your calender.  An opportunity for European escapism with David Gariff exploring the art, career, and richness of Vienesse life.  And typical of all my deductive reasoning, I can ride my bicycle to the Flagler Room at 7 pm at 74 King Street on Tuesday, 9/25/2012, and celebrate the anniversary of Gustav Klimt’s life by listening to his story.  Be there or be square!  It’s FREE.  Details in the St. Augustine Record, pg 3D.

23. September 2012 by Jean Drayovitch
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