A retro project to promote conservation

I love retro stuff.  For example, you know the cut-out art you find at fairs, carnivals, and seaside fun parks?  The kind you stand behind and make a goofy face when you pop your face into the cut-out hole to put yourself into a fantasy image of muscle-man or mermaid in an underwater sea?  We decided to make one for fun photos during our local Elementary school’s Green Day Expo to celebrate conservation and sustainability.  This project was engineered by Michael Frank Clark.  The whimsical design was promoted by Lisa O’Neil and I gave the “umph” and creative push.  It would not have been possible without Michael’s ability to walk down a few isles in Home Depot and create this light-weight paint-ready-cut-out.  It helps that he is from N.J. and has been to Atlantic City and can relate to the idea I had in my head.  His wife was amazing in letting us take-over the garage for a full day of messiness.  Andrea gets the gold medal for being the uber-cool wife who makes amazing coffee.

23. September 2012 by Jean Drayovitch
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