Illustrations to motivate young writers

My regular job has me working with lots of kids with all kinds of different personalities.  Some have whimsical, over active imaginations and some are very concrete and linear thinkers.  I love them all!  Sometimes we inspire each other with creative ideas.  The latest episode happened when a very talented 3rd grader let me read the story she was writing.  Now this youngster is an avid reader, a member of the million word reader’s club, and she has a great imagination.   So, I have decided to illustrate her story since it is so clever and funny.  Nothing gets me inspired like a good belly laugh!  So, take a minute to read the few excerpts of her writing and know I’m supporting her with my little doodles.

Jack the Horse

Jaimie’s story about Jack the Horse

21. November 2012 by Jean Drayovitch
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