Romanza Poster development

How does a poster make it to final design?  Communication is key and working with others who have stronger talents in other creative areas like typography and Photoshop.  The light table is an old school piece of equipment.  I like it.   My talent is in the old school process.  The tangible and the messy bits with paper and pen or paint.  I can work with the poorest grade paper in the smallest corner on the couch but I do need good light, an ambient temperature, a relaxed vibe (accentuated by 1940s era music and a tidy house).  The interesting observation I have about my artistic process as that it is in conflict with my regular job and daily schedule.  Without that I could become a “visually impulsive”  lush.  Left unregulated I could easily wander into galleries, watch double feature movies, doodle, be reclusive, browse and examine all manner of product design and science, and forget to eat.  Alas, the lightening bolt as my left brain kicks in and I have a surge of real world info like “when was that credit card bill do?  Did I open all of my mail?  What day is it?  Did I eat this morning?”  Maybe it is a good thing that I have a regular job which dominates my left brain and provides a governor for my right brain.  It is a serious governor which downgrades my creative power supply to a blip on the screen.  After this week I will be back to my energy sucking demands of duty and responsibility with an overwhelming sense of “making a difference.”  This blog will be updated weekly…maybe.  But for know, don’t fret over the constant contact since it will be short lived until the next break from reality madness.

04. January 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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