Making a T-Shirt design for the music department

First of all this project was a secret for our music teacher who is retiring this year…so I had to wait until all the T-Shirts were printed and the concert was finished before posting the blog.  I’ve I have said before, I live in a small town.  Most of the kids wearing these shirts think the principal of my school did the design, and let’s just say I’m OK with misguided credit because our principal is an amazing dude.   The final print was a bit darker than I anticipated since the image was reduced a bit, so my signature is obscured on the T-Shirt.  Aren’t rumors great!  How did I do this image and how was I inspired?  Well Jim Solomon is a talented and gentle soul who memorizes the names of all his students within the first two weeks of school.  Who will fill his shoes?

12. January 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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