Next Projects for April

Two 12×12 canvases.  OK…deadlines don’t scare me and neither do blank canvases.  But the idea of running out of time and opportunity to meet a deadline does.  So I constantly find myself getting started early.  And that is a good work ethic for battling the unknown.

Being an artist requires a certain tolerance and expectation for being treated  “all back of the bus.”  Well it just happened yesterday when I went to pick up my 12×12 canvas for the Mosaic project from our local Michaels store.  All I did was stand patiently in line with my voucher held in my hand so it could easily be seen at a glance.  There was no easy smile or personable treatment, just a call on her radio “we have someone to pick up a canvas.”  And I waited to the side and inquired if I was eligible for the gift card offered to the first 100 artists.  Her quick retort was “those are all gone.”  Then my mind wandered to the idea of how many artists really had picked up their canvases and how close was the project to its advertised goal of 450 canvases all joined together in a giant mosaic.  I wondered but no one offered any casual interaction, only an abundance of avoiding eye contact .  My tip to fellow artists is not to get defensive and self righteous but to get low and be all back of the bus.  I got my canvas, the issuer signed off my voucher and I walked away completely anonymous.

27. March 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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