Distractions and good stuff

Friday was one of those days you try to throw your toothbrush in your purse, or you stop and buy  gum to cover that “all day working breath.”  Yup, work from 7:45 until 3 p.m. then stop and buy gum to cover “the breath” and drop off 24.36 canvas for the art show downtown on Charlotte Street at the Hyppo popsicle bar.  Then head over to Ann O Malleys and grab a slow glass of wine with friends who just got back in town after driving over 6,000 miles and spending about $800 on gas.  Then run to the hairdresser and get the do done. Change in the bathroom like wonderwoman, swish water in the mouth a pop a piece of gum.  Hop in the truck and drive back over to the Hyppo for art opening hosted by The Red Sable.  No dinner, no problem…it’s a popsicle bar.  Chat chat chat and network and feel the creative juices flow.  Hang out with “my guys” Scott and Michael.  Wander over to the taco place and grab real food.  Call the day a wrap at 9 p.m.  Next calender of events:  Tuesday at Columbia restaurant from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for Spanish guitar and promotion of the Romanza Festivale in May.  Meet for painting next Saturday Plein Air session.  Oh and today what am I supposed to be doing?  Gotta get in the studio and work on the 12×12 canvas for 450th Mosaic project.  Due 4/15.  Sheash!  And the sun shines, the garden grows while the paint dries!  May peace and paint be with you until next time.  Put your money where your art is.  For pics from Friday check out this:


Of course when beatiful things happen it is guaranteed the battery on your smartphone will die so pics were taken by Michael and Scott.  Thank you to all my endearing friends who help in all the organized chaos of life!  This weekend is graced with beautiful weather for bike riding, browsing the local Farmer’s market and hiding in the shade of my garden.  Oh no…gotta get in the studio!

07. April 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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