Edith Piaf said it best when…

she sang about “no regrets”.

“No, no regrets No, we will have no regrets As you leave, I can say Love was king, but for only a day
No, no regrets No, let there be no regrets Why explain? Why delay? Don’t go away, simply call it a day
Pleading moments we knew I will set them apart Every word, every sign Will be burned in my heart
But no tears will be shed There’ll be no one to blame Let it always be said We attempted what came
No, no regrets No, we will have no regrets As you leave, I can say Love was king, but for only a day
Life still goes on Yes, even though love has gone One last kiss Shrug and sign
No regrets Even though it’s goodbye”

That’s the English translation from her French song.

It helped the seeds of inspiration for the next art show idea from The Red Sable.  Here’s how Melissa Roby and I came up with the idea;

We were sitting on my back patio eating snacks under the shade of an umbrella, waving to the red train as it drove by, talking about our own personal obstacles with relationships-goals-people.  We talked about purity of intention, character, support to each-other with exemption of competitiveness or selfishness.  Basically we talked about how some friendships fade and how regrettable that is.  We talked about letting some things “go” (negative relationships that pull out our best essence and snatch all good things down) and reaching out to salvage other things (misunderstandings, missteps and the unpredictable human condition).
She talked about the idea of having “throw-back” Sundays at the Red Sable Art supply store.  A day where music would reflect our spirited and artistic past, like the upbeat Glenn Miller band or the soulful Edith Piaf.  And since Edith Piaf is an artist with personal history immersed in missteps, loss, regret, bad luck and lost love.  We embraced the theme.
On Melissa’s way out of town we stopped at DOS (www.DOS.com, 300 San Marco Avenue, 32084)  for a beverage and more reflection about where to meet and hang out around town.  And while at the counter, we struck up introductions and dialogue with Julie the owner of DOS.  I can’t recall the exact trend of events, but we just sort of mentioned the great space and how it would support a show with a French/Summer/No regret theme.  And although Julie had never heard of Edith Piaf she totally loved the concept.  We’ll see how it goes.


15. April 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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