The Wrap for One Spark 2013

Votes counted until Saturday night.  I invested 8 hours on Saturday between the Red Sable and Dr. Zap doing all the footwork and promo with blips necessary to nudge the masses into casting their votes and winning a piece of the $250,000 crowd fund dispersed with the top 10 popular votes .  Somewhere in the digital wings of the tech universe are 20 pictures I took Saturday…just waiting and wanting to show themselves with a tantalizing slide show.  But true of children, wild animals, and tech there is a chasm of unknown variables hurling wrenches at a perfect machine. So for now I only have the power of the pen to tempt you into exploration of worthy tidbits…little  morsels I have tossed your way.  And believe me, all the things I am sharing were either  the product of pure artistic whimsy or true meaningful moments with potential for artistic leads into the realm of success.  Oh, elusive success.  In the large and small measure of promotion and nuance I can honestly say that investing in time and opportunity for the One Spark event next year would be a skillful jump into the carnival of colorful-metaphorical-creative-big-top with- trapeze-and-animal-balloons-for artistic-lion tamers with live events and investors to actively network your brilliant whimsy.  And the quote of the day occurred in a glad mob of families and artists with a singular Mom pushing her stroller with a loud confession  “this is just like NYC and I never thought I would say that on a corner in Jacksonville.”  Yes… maybe a picture is worth a thousand words,…and if I could download my pics without glitches I would save face…but for now my apologies and here are the cliff notes for the closest thing North Florida  will experience to the Fringe festival of Edinburgh, Scotland…Be One Spark…


CJ Stall Originals   Artwork/Custom framing/ art and lighted-folding-easels



The Wall by State of the Re:Union Al Letson.  Your Story. My story. Our Story.

“Some walls contain. Some walls devide. Our wall connects.

Host-State of the Re:Union


I AM JAX,  Operation: Bring Art to The People.  A Public art project that celebrates the people who make up Jacksonville.

Creator: Yvonne C. Lozano


Dr. Zap

Kevin St. Onge

Science enrichment program bringing enthusiasm back into the principles of physics and science.


Junkyard Cat—a Graphic novel

by, Henry Gonzales

needs a webpage to promote his storyboard


Burro Bags

F.B. Burro Bags ImpacKt Project

providing up-cycling for events with promo posters in PVC material which can be sewn into custom event bags for the next promo event.

Great idea for responsible promotion of annual events which might have an appeal to collectors for usable and durable bags.


Tony Wood



Where writers,readers,authors,book collectors & booksellers connect.



Spark Initiative

sponsored by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

Revitalizing the core of downtown with art, murals, poetry and music.  Currently $60,000 is available via grants for independent artists and groups with 501c3 within 5 surrounding counties for projects with the arts.  Deadlind May 30TH!


That’s it in a nutshell!  Check it out. For next year, count me in with One Spark!




21. April 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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