One Spark Results

53,299 votes were placed to disperse a crowd fund 0f $250,000.

Check out who got what…

As a brief review here is a quick look at some creators who caught my eye.  In recap I think that with 115,00 visitors and over 53,000 votes submitted there was a bit of dilution for the pay-out.  As a matter of holding my cards and realizing that the votes really counted, I only placed a vote for 3 creators: The Red Sable, Dr. Zap, and Nerdular (since Nerdular reciprocated the voting) It took effort to stave off the hecklers who wanted my vote so badly that they offered to walk me to the voting kiosk.  I used the app program for voting and it worked fine for me.   Next year there might be some tweaking of voting/venue process.  Also, these pay-outs are pending submission of each creator’s W-tax forms.  Maybe it will be adjusted again for monies based on legal paper trails.

BoneShaker (an animated 3D design made from home rendered supplies with up-cycled materials, and a real crowd pleaser) Location was at the lobby of downtown Public library:  532 votes, $2,495.36  Based on the artist bio, funds will be used to build a time machine.

Kona School  (A skate park which inspired a school with unconventional academics and a strong arts program) 669 votes,  $3,137.96

Nerdular (See previous post for creator’s pics) 351 votes, $1,646.37  Location was indoors, on the first floor off Heming Plaza

The Spark District(See previous post for outline.  Balloon for existing $60,000 grant: Artist’s can apply for this grant to revitalize downtown core) Venue was located on first floor in building off Laura Street: 256 votes, $1,200.77

Junkyard Cat (See previous post, A graphic novel. Venue at Jax Landing, west wing in a storefront)  The artist needs help designing a webpage.  125 votes, $586.31

BiblioConnection(See previous post for outline,Venue was located at first floor downtown library)  117 votes/$548.79

The Red Sable (Melissa Roby…one of our favorites so say no more.  Venue location 4th floor, Ignite Addeco)  187 votes/ $877.13

Bike Jax Corrals for Jax (Not sure where thier venue location was but pitch was cool) : 285 votes/$1336.80

 Burro Bags (See previous post for details.  Venue location was at Jax Landing first floor, central under escalators) 289 votes/ $1,355.56

I Am Jax, Yvonne Lozano Artist.  Her booth was on the stairs at the exit point for SkyRail stop for Heming Plaza. 193 votes/ $905.27

Dr. Zap (Location at the East wing first floor of Jax Landing…in what we affectionately nicknamed “the hole” for lack of One Spark signage and its inconsistent foot traffic)  110 votes/ $515.96










24. April 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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