Weekend events

Saturday morning was garden-time followed by a bike ride to Aviles Street for current events with my favorite galleries.  I followed up on an invitation from Hookey Hamilton to stop back in Aviles Street gallery and consider being part of their artists co-op again.  Although Hookey was very engaging and persuasive I just don’t have three-four days a month to dedicate to working the gallery like they expect.  But I took great delight in being invited back.  I also was called into Gayle’s gallery “Georgia Nick Gallery” which was formerly the Worley Faver Gallery.  Gayle has the warmest spirit and is now the acting president of “Aviles Street Merchant Association” and coordinating Romanza on Aviles Street.  The Anonymous Society of Artists will be participating on Aviles Street May 11 and 12th for the plein air artists demo.

Saturday night was the fundraiser for SJCCA.  I bought tickets and helped chaperone some kiddos with my friend JoEllen.  Much support and love to Neha Manikal, who attends Murray Middle School, for her good progress with artwork and having pieces at the Art Association and “Hanging with Picasso.”  Her artwork is the large abstract piece of the multicolored woman’s face.

Sunday was busy again with going to our second weekend Farmer’s Market (our town only has two, one on Saturday at the Amphitheater and one on Sunday at the Linconville Park)  Peddled over and met my new friend Jeffrey for a bike ride and shady respite on the plaza lawn.  By 3:45 it was time to ride the bike back over to 22 St. Francis Street.  The Anonymous Society of Artists was meeting for a plein air sketch session.  For details check out www.anonartists.com

Sweet Florida Peppers Patio Breakfast Paris-style Middle School and High School Art for SJCCA Expo Expo for SJCCA Arts Program Flagler Auditorium


29. April 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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