Reaching for a Star

There comes a time in each of us when we embrace an overwhelmingly positive moment and feel inspired by someone else…inspired to write and draw a thank you note.  A gesture of good intention.   Sometimes a creative effort gets noticed or it gets lost in a mass of similar gestures.  Where am I going with this?  I’m going to give a note of thanks to Zachary Quinto.  He did a Youtube video titled “it gets better” as part of an anti-bullying campaign to give youth courage when they feel lost and fear judgement with their alternative lifestyles.  Perhaps  z.q. is “going where no man has gone before” with his personal journey.  Good for him.  Although these issues are not something I struggle with personally, I am very aware that “Cyberbullying” is a new trend and anything we can do to keep it in check has my full support.  So this artistic gesture is to all who create art and live on the fringe in their own way, for whatever reason, in whatever way as long as they do so with respect and tolerance.

anti bullying

21. May 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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