Curb Appeal

The beautiful thing about living in St. Augustine is the great opportunity for creative inspiration.  Between the boutiques which offer casual Parisian Chic to the hand-sewn-funk of local artisans, art can be found in fabrics and design as well as 2D, 3D, or Bas Relief.  One can stop and get a groovy coffee, or just pack a picnic in your purse and grab a shady spot under a variety of historic landmarks.  That’s how I found the quiet courtyard at the new Flagler College Admission Office on Cordova Street.  A beautiful nook with a tile mosaic wall fountain.  And if you have not wandered to the City Marina Dock to crane your neck up at the majestic El Galeon, it’s a marvel of maritime history and part of our City’s 450th Celebration.  It’s $15 for permission to go aboard, so I just admired all the rigging from the dock.  To my own chagrin, not much was accomplished for creating art this weekend.   Too many dolly-domestic-dos with the patio garden and old house.  But, I did make it to the DOS Coffee shop at 3oo San Marco Avenue to meet with The Anonymous Society of Artists.  Look for me on Twitter and Instagram.

El Galleon Flagler Admission Office Courtyard

28. May 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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