How to feed your soul…


Spend a day with another artist who values the same inspirations.  Learn these things:

1. For some, art is an evolution within and influenced by the pull around them.

2. Slow down.  If you spend a day in the shade of Redwoods, whose roots got started around 900 A.D., one will realize that time and urgency are only crucial to a hurried audience.

3.  Be kind to the process.  It is a process and you are at the center.

4.  Be true to yourself and keep creating regardless of reward.

5.  We live to create and create what we feel so let your art be a reflection of your own story.

6.  If you are not clear about your story, just get feedback from the expressive and gentle souls who surround you.’

7.  Keep your soul intact.  Live the values you feel and trust the whiff of a lie.

8.  Explore how you feel when you are in the shadow of something bigger.  Does it make you want to laugh or cry.

9.  Where do you walk on a narrow trail, the inside corner or the outside edge near the drop.

10. Risk is part of the process.  Be graceful.

Notes from reflections at Muir Woods with Harry Hellas.

16. June 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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