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For brief-daily-posts about my “creative” CA experience, please follow me at Twitter and/or Instagram.

My Instagram account shows photos and captions and is linked to Twitter.

If you have not tried to use Twitter before now, let me help with that.  Just Google search for Twitter and look for the search icon on the Twitter home page.   Searching for someone on Twitter is similar to surfing the web.  Just type in the name of who you are looking for (Some people use customized Twitter names so if you don’t find a person then reach out to them and find out how they are named on their Twitter account.)  That Twitter account will come to the front page and you can read the Tweets and click onto the Instagram link in the post for an image.

If you search for me just look up:        jeandrayovitch

Thanks for keeping my trail!

19. June 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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