Sugah’s coat as brush acrylic and a Moth in Shadow

Reflect and correct.  It’s a work in progress.  Might need one or two doodads of paint still…still thinking about it.  New lead with  A warm thank you goes out to Walt for his support and good intention for promoting pet portraits through this website.  Especially the sentimental notion of memorial portraits.  We will keep in touch.  If you are strolling downtown and wander in to the courtyard by the City Gates, please stop in his shop (which is family owned).  We all get stuck with the creative process.  My remedy is usually a bike ride or watching a movie.  I have to step away.  The method of relentless drilling into my brain or cornering the creative process is counter-productive…it has to be approached like a cat on a bird, or moth from the obscure/ shadowy side of a new angle or  idea.

Shugah acrylic painting

Morning Moth in the Shadow of a Single Speed


11. July 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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