Positive Inspirations

Of course we all have convoluted and complicated lives, the trick is embracing the positive things going on.  Minimizing the negative things and moving into a productive mode for our goals.  Sometimes this deadpans…that’s OK too…take a nap…ride a bike…try not to ruminate.

What helped my artistic process this weekend?  I went to the Riverside Arts Market and took some fun photos of puppies and dogs.  Lots of dogs go to the market.  So, if you are looking for good veges, good music, good crafts…and good dog love then that is the place to go.

Next I wandered through Five Points and strolled inside the shop Bark, www.theBarkBoutique.com…which might be needing some pet portraits so I shared a card.   Also picked up the free publication The Pawsitive Life and toyed with the idea of actually running an advert. for pet portraits.  Maybe.

Had a hot Chai at BoldBean Coffee on Stockton Street.  From there I launched over to the corner of Roselle and King for coRK gallery/studio.  I just sort of wanted to know where it was located.  As I parked, so did Aaron…who is the coordinator for “drawing in” Artists in Residence from all over the world (his words)  He was kind enough to take me in like a stray and introduce me to Dolf James.  If you are unsure of who Dolf James is (we all get buried in our own ideas of survival and creative process which blurs the data for real artists who actually succeed at their craft)  There is so much print on this guy one could easily read stories for a whole weekend of rainy days.  Truth.  He let me hang out in his studio until I felt that I had just absorbed every fiber of creative cobweb possible.  I considered offering to clear the dust and dirt off  his sculptures of metal/wood/board in exchange for hours of philosophical discussions about the social impact of chairs.  But, I believe that is for another lifetime or another summer.  All he did was inspire me with his presence, awesome.  Sort of like when I keep the company of Roger Bansemer.  It makes me feel more talented…slightly more worthy of creative gifts and my delivery actually improves.  Yes, we are the company we keep.

Happy Boxer Puppy2013-07-13 10.39.27The Old Mansion

14. July 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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