Some days it’s just the couch and movies

Saturday morning I had big plans to get things done in the studio.  Some days are kinetic and some inert.

NPR has science Friday and Jean’s house has Science Saturday.   A study of kinetic energy vs. inertia.  The couch was my base.  Let’s talk science (oh I’m excited)…general Orthokinesis by an artistic macro organism fueled by allusions (poetic nuance) of mythic themes of success provides  motivation to  climb stairs at The Shim Sham Room and rub elbows with other frustrated (dare I say disillusioned), yet talented artists.  Sigh (a kinetic rush of air).

Michael and I agreed most anything coming off is worthy of a virtual digital library.  Brett 2D Bean said it best when he reminded artists that they will be remembered and employed based on likability, talent, and being agreeable.   Carpool any distance with a motivated artist and it’s time well spent.

How many artists have you met who are limited by their personality traits?  Thinking about things like too reclusive, too shy, too aloof, too–insert-any-word-here-which–describes someone you don’t like working with.

Be the change you want.

Chewie, Acrylic on Canvas

Last week I had this funny moment when something tickled and brushed my arm.  It felt like a bug.  After a casual swipe it still felt “crawly.”  Then I looked and looked and finally wrangled  a single strand of hair that was loose.  Entertained by that micro moment when I felt it was a creepy bug.  Maybe a metaphor for life.  Aren’t we just programmed to think the worst.

Give your fears a micro moment and then go for fearless.

The truth is "hair"

22. July 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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