Words from Jay Defeo (1929-1989)

In a letter to her mother “I believe the only real moments of happiness & feeling of aliveness & completeness occur when I swing a brush. I don’t think I can do without it.” Written from Florence Italy in 1952.  From JayDefeo.org  and the notes from her Trust.

Why mention the artist Jay Defeo  from Berkeley?  Because she is the inspiring force behind my new roommate, Amelia.

If one’s goal is to create a creative Empire, then one must start by surrounding oneself with creative people.  It’s all about respect and personality.  In shared space, there needs to be effective patterns of communication and living.   If I can’t have a resource like coRK in my own town, at least I can start building a tentative creative Empire  at home.

Reminder:  This Friday, August 2nd, Art Opening at Tim’s Wine Market.  The show will be hanging for the month.

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01. August 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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