So there was a cork, a canvas, and a chicken feather…

Spun on vinyl.  Sort of.  The recap of First Friday Artwalk goes something like this…a weary gal faked the feeling like Wonderwoman and poured affordable wines from vineyards in CA (Three Pears was the winner), Tuscany and Argentina.  Two whites, one red.  Discussions from discriminating palates segued into topics about reproductions and original canvas, Plein Air locations and palette inspirations.  Everyone smiled.   Some locations were wine related.  No sins were committed.  What did I learn?  An artist can’t really talk about her paintings from behind the bar.  Why?  The ones drinking the wine want to talk about the wine (a little art).  The ones looking at art…are way over there…in the shout-out range of rude…want to talk about the art.  I did a good service for the wine market.  Little service to the art market.  The tip jar was empty.  I think we all had fun, the bottles were empty.  Glasses were clinking.

Next stop was at “The Family Barber” on Anastasia Island to support Rocco and Catherine with their hybrid (Frankenstein does smile) business of art on the wall (monthly art show for two artists) and art in the chair (barber talent).  Did I say Rocco plays acoustic guitar…uhm…Rocco plays acoustic guitar.

A big wave of support to Amy Dunn for her first solo show.  What’s her creative weapon? A chicken feather.  Why?  She likes the irregular width of the line and slight squiggle from the quill.  What kind of ink?  Calligraphy ink, and color enhanced.  Cool Factor, the artists dig it…(ADI factor)= Ten.

Side note of dream catching: Amy’s husband Adam is living Micheal’s dream by doing web design from home.  Shun the cubicle.  Michael and Adam were fast friends for strategy to Goal.  Adam is Lucent Marketing, Saint Augustine.  Nice stuff.

Rocco shared his record collection and spun the vinyl.  All Retro.  Thank you Rocco and Catherine for the  warm invitation for Michael and I to hang our Plein Air paintings on your walls in December.  Holiday Rush?  Economic Boost?  My crystal ball fails me for lessons in art and business.  Just roll with it.  Keep at it.  Being tired is just a state of mind, lean on friends.  Do what you love.  Love what you do.  It’s Hard to beat creations done with a steady hand and a chicken feather.  The result is True Inspiration.  Thank you Amy Dunn.

"Cork and Canvas" show Tim's wine market Tim's Wine Market "Cork and Canvas Show" The Hand Stance at Family Barber Shop Amy Dunn and her creative weapon, a chicken feather Michael and Rocco Rocco Pink Record



07. September 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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