You just never know who you are going to meet…


so it is best to put your best face forward, remember your manners, and be cordial and engaging.  This is simple advice from every Mother of any child.  When you decide to just wander off into the realm of whatever you find inspiring then magical things can happen.  You might meet someone…famous.  You might.   And that person might just want to chat about very cool things.  What happened to me?  I had the chance to spend some quality time at the hot pits in Daytona for the Brumos Porsche 50th Anniversary.

One might think that this does not apply to being creatively blocked or perplexed about where to put your creative energy.  It is all connected.  I was able to meet Brian Johnson of AC/DC who has been racing in Europe for some time and this was his first USA track in many years.  There with his wife, who was lovely and engaging, racing her own vintage Porsche.  Then I met Sarah Cattaneo, a driver flown from Scottsdale Arizona, and her BMW.  She is 27 years old and has raced almost as many tracks as her age.  Take note…In a male dominated sport, it is refreshing to have a balance of good-natured-gals in the mix.  Spending a day at the track and hanging in the pits should be enough experience to remind anyone that  things which  seem impossible are not.

It worked like that for me.  I finished my latest pet portrait, Jake, and got paid.  I spent some amazing quality time with friends and also explored the world of seemingly impossible feats at Daytona.  Wet tracks, slick tires, fast turns, and lots of talent.  There was a pang of guilt in my being for missing the Plein Air session scheduled on Sunday morning with  Having a weekend away from the studio was refreshing, so I guess I needed it.

How do I take this experience back  into my art studio and nurture the creative process?  Easy.  A bit of reflection and application.  If Brian Johnson can race 3 cars in Daytona and still be a juicy-cool-Rock Star (although a bit weathered-maybe from racing or Rock-n-Roll life) then I can be Dolly Domestic with a Day Job and still look for the checkered flag at the end of my snail-paced-art race.   The slow motion metaphorical journey to a Daytona experience.

Let your life empower you.


17. November 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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