Where is Joe?

You can find him, Joe Rocco- that is,  at 806 Anastasia Blvd, near Gypsy Cab Company and just a little ways from Grampa’s Music.

He’s hanging out with two co-founders of  The Anonymous Society of Artists.  New stuff on the walls for First Friday Artwalk, December 6th.

Join us for the Art Opening featuring our Plein Air series from local paint-outs. Important Note:  It is Michael F. Clark’s First Art Show, so let’s show lots of support!  Both he and I are sharing this show.  This a wonderful opportunity from Catherine and Joe.  I’m just feeling like the even-tempered- jitter-free-goat who’s looking forward to hanging out with friends.

There are two rooms for viewing our artwork. Joe has a vintage Barber Chair and classic record player for vinyl to spin and talk about.  The location is a great spot with retro flair for good-natured art folks.  Please join us!


04. December 2013 by Jean Drayovitch
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