Life is symbolic, pony up to some positive ones…

Many different symbols have meaning to those who are celebrating good things in their lives.  My favorite anecdote of the week came from Heather Hamel and a student’s description of the Bronco’s team being the “horse heads.” Maybe you are your helmet.  American symbolism.

Aside from horse heads, there is abundant symbolism in Hinduism with animal heads for deities.  I have a casual friend who is from India and is celebrating her first child, a girl.  Through many conversations with her, I have learned about Shiva and Ganesha.  I have learned about traditions and what some may call superstitions.  I can relate because similar stories from different backgrounds were rampant in my childhood.  Maybe that is why I love a good story, visual or written.

It is the art, the mystery, the heritage and imagery which is so rich with intention.  My grandmother immigrated from Krakow Poland and she used to tell me not to walk under ladders and to make the sign of a cross when a black cat crossed my path.  On occasion, after I told her something she questioned, she would insist I stick out my tongue for her to examine.  Evidently in old world Poland, a liar wags a white tongue.  I wasn’t much of a liar but always pondered if eating vanilla ice cream effected her opinion of me.  The old world traditions are to be celebrated.  Visits with grandma were innocent and lively.  I played with chickens in her back yard,  never making the connection with the ever-present-whole-boiled chicken on the stove.  Her chicken and dumplings were the best and she kept the mystery intact about how a chicken got to the stove.

Anyway, I stray from topic.  It is the essence of each personal story that I celebrate here.  Grandma also called her big white Cadillac a “catalog.”  It wasn’t so much the language, but the meaning expressed by her eager pointing of the finger which made her understood.  Sunny day drives in her catalog were THE best.

In celebration of positive symbolism, I give you inspiration for my latest drawing.  Bright colors to express positive energy.  A quote from the Talmud, “Let the honor of others be as dear to you as your own honor.”  Symbolism to convey strength, stability and patience.  Consider the Hindu deity with an elephant’s head, Ganesha.  The popular  Hindu god of luck, fortune, protection, providing blessings to new projects. (There’s no better new project than a newborn).  Ganesha is also the patron saint of Art, Science and letters.  I’m not sure if that is related to letters in the alphabet, or letters of correspondence.  It took me a month of consecutive short sessions to draw this.  Sharpie, colored pencil.  Inspired by a 1″ piece of faded-pseudo-gold- elephant jewelry I found at the thrift store.  This was a gift to Joy and Vinnie, celebrating their new daughter Shreehita.  Many blessings of success and protection.

2014-02-17 06.09.12

17. February 2014 by Jean Drayovitch
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