The Vernal Equinox and Dandelions…

go hand in hand.  The Vernal Equinox, March 20th, marks the calender for “equal night,” meaning the night is equal to the day.  That doesn’t last long though…as our days start to  stretch out a little longer. Spring will fast become Summer.

This morning The Anonymous Society of Artists met at the Lincolnville Community Garden for a breezy paint-out. The sun was bright, just a few days post Vernal Equinox and feeling much like a new spring day.  The garden shed was tidy, gardeners were busy weeding and composting their plots.   Dandelions dotted the grass with bright yellow faces and older white heads. Garden variety weed…  Edible.  (But, do you trust there is no pesticide on THAT wild weed?).  Give-in to the  temptation of blowing airy puffs of  parachutes and seeds, scattering white fluffy orbs into the wind.  Just like blowing bubbles.

Time flies just like dandelion seeds in the wind.  This past week was Spring Break, off from the work week. “Extra” time quickly grinding to a halt.  There was much less free time than I expected.  Much less got done than I expected to do.  I felt very busy.  With what?  College on both Saturday mornings, two evening classes, a fender-bender on the truck, house chores, reading assignments, bike week, Seafood festival.  Where does the time go?  Poof! Gone like the puff of a white dandelion head.

There were two creative projects on my desk, one is finished.  This is a 6×6 canvas.   The under-painting for this was a dark blue color.  Saved me some time with mixing dark colors on a limited palette, with limited water source during the paint-out   Over the last few weeks I have been utilizing Sharpie markers or pencils for  plein air sessions.  Doing that felt kind of  like cheating, like I wasn’t artsy-painterly-enough…I wasn’t working hard enough. Right? Felt guilty? Yup. So, today I resolved to give-in and get the acrylics back on the paint palette.  I was determined to work at it in a disciplined and focused way, to problem solve, to paint something on a canvas.  (Even if it is only 6″) Goal accomplished.  Small, yet meaningful.

News from the artist’s neighborhood: The Red Sable is open now at St. John’s Printing Shop, near Flagler College on King Street.  Whoop! Whoop! We have art supplies downtown!  Melissa will also be open late for First Friday Artwalk on April 4th.  The Grand Opening event will be on Saturday afternoon, April 5th, with music, snacks and visual arts.  The Anonymous Society of Artists will help generate an artsy mood; our booth will be set-up during the Saturday afternoon event.  Join us in congratulating Melissa Roby for providing an excellent inventory of art supplies  I am so happy to be able to help her with this dream project.

Speaking of dream projects, kudos to Heather Hamel for completing her first book tour with “Kobi, Memoirs of a Mustang.”  She sold over a 100 copies. Celebrate one more life-goal-achievement in the Creative Empire.

Art, time, music.  I have not stopped practicing the Cello.  There is no time, so I don’t know how it happens. Magic? Sheer force of will power?   Nothing is convenient, there will never be enough time.  So… Let me remind you that if you haven’t gotten to all your things yet, don’t start the bad habit of  “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda” on yourself.  Stay sustainable, be kind to yourself.  It’s important.  You are The Creative Empire.  Defend it.

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23. March 2014 by Jean Drayovitch
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