On doing enough…

it’s hard to know what that is, isn’t it? Choices.  Do little, or do nothing.  Delimmas.  It’s easier to just go to the movies.  Yup, did that.  Saw HTTYD 2.  Wow.  The whole movie revolves around animated action, story, endearing voice script and lock-your-eyes-with-dragons-expression.  Can you really look into Toothless’ eyes (when they have those dilated rectangles and a hint of emotional moisture,  whole-hearted-wonder) and not anthropormophasize crytopzoology? This week is Planet of the Apes, can’t wait.

I was so blitzed by expressive big eyes that I almost bought a rabbit after that movie.  Whimsy, yeah.  Impossible cuteness and improbable solution (I halted when my over-active-mind-visualized my future bunny nibbling on the glossy wooden edge of my Cello).  Insert image of a wide-eyed cartoon character and (voice-over) Hiccup squealing “Toothless! That will not wash off!”  I read Google’s ref. for ten steps on how to tame your rabbit and I opted out.  Life is an inspiration.  In four weeks my schedule will be insane and unfair to anything cuddly.  I’ll go to the drawing board, safer.

The Public Library has rows of DVDs, and checked out HTTYD 1 just for animation saturation points.

Rambling and wandering are good. Serendipity feeds the soul, and the creative process.   As Nancy Moreland reminds me, “not all who wander are lost.”  Well..who’s lost anyway when all you need is a phone these days?  GoogleMaps, Google anything.  I would like to see a studio exhibit on up-cycling that antiquated stand-by, the phone book.  Have you ever asked for one?  I did two years ago and the response was “Don’t you have a phone?”  Oh.  There must be a higher purpose in art (at least) for a once indispensable household item.  Sigh.  So many things have slipped by the way-side these last ten years.  It’s shocking.  Rotary dials, phone booths, flip-phones, phone books.  One could make a documentary film on how the phone models and morphs our culture.  Just one super-star, the  phone.  My handicap, I forget my phone is a Tool.  I’m tactile and an avid reader, old school.  I won’t blow my money on a new outfit, but I will spend $6 on the Sunday edition NYT.  I still buy stamps at the Post Office.  The Clerk thinks it’s endearing when I have to thumb through the whole box of stamps and pick the most Artsy ones, I’m fast about it and it makes him smile. I like riding my bicycle to the P.O. and slipping a letter with a stamp into the mail slot.  The Post Office is almost as cool for climate control as the Public Library.

I have been reminded again that I should be on FaceBook.  I’m on the fence.  Most of my time is engaged in Face-Time.  Real Time, with Real People.  (Uhm, unless you are with me on Twitter or Instagram.  That’s my virtual Social playing field)  Warm bodies I prefer.  Maybe it’s the enthusiasm, the palpable energy.  Whoknows?   I can’t diminish what I get from meaningful souls like Chris Oatley and Pascal Campion.  Listen to the PodCasts @ChrisOatley.com  Even if you are not an illustrator striving to create in the animated World, you will still feel the Creative Force.

Also, Monday nights are Hot for Art in St. Augustine.  Figure Drawing is offered at the Art Association, 22 Marine Street from 6-9 p.m. (Bring $10 for this professional event) AND Next Monday offers something New and FREE for Artists.  I just love new things, free things even more.  A small bit of effort, you will need to RSVP by-Thursday 7/17 (904-209-3643)!   Check out details on the attached flyer.  Just more good stuff on Marine Street, at the River House.  Don’t forget to join our steadfast art group, The Anonymous Society of Artists– always offering groovy locations which are politically safe for painting and networking.  The objective is not to get arrested.  Remember the City of St. Augustine has rules for where artists can paint in the downtown area.   (We hope to influence positive change with this)

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Be good, or be good at it.






14. July 2014 by Jean Drayovitch
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